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Seybro Door and Weatherstrip Co. Inc. P.O. Box 125 Weimar, Texas 78962 Phone: 800-345-2791 Fax: 979-725-8911 Email: seybro@gmail.com Website: www.seybrodoor.com About Seybro Doors Seybro Doors are made of Meranti Mahogany. All glass that is used in Seybro Doors is windstorm approved, insulated and tempered. Our glass is made up of three panels.  The middle panel contains the caming which is the metal that makes the design in the glass.  This center panel is sandwiched between two clear panels of glass.  This makes the glass more energy efficient and easier to maintain.  When you touch the glass, you feel a smooth surface. Finishing Process First, all our doors are hand selected and check for factory defects such as cracks. The door is then sanded smoothed and placed in the finishing line. Each door is sprayed by hand with one of our five standard stain colors including Special Walnut, Red Mahogany, Cherry, Fruit-wood, and Old Hickory.  All of these stains are oil based and made by Minwax. Next, at least four coats of spar urethane are applied to the door to protect the finish of the door.  We use the Helmsman Spar Urethane from Minwax. Finally, the glass is placed in the door and secured with clear silicone. Installation Process When the builder is ready for the door to be installed, he/she can call us and give us the door style, stain color, and what day they want the door installed. The door comes out finished and our installers bore and mortise the doors on site. We will install the hardware if it is provided for us on the job-site on the day of installation.  In addition to installing the door, we will also install a mill finish threshold with new weatherstripping.  We have both copper and compression weatherstrip. Finally, we can also weatherstrip any other doors that may be on the house.